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What Makes us Unique

With over 10 years of expertise in E-Commerce and more than 18 years in Enterprise Software Development, we've leveraged our skills to enhance our technology capabilities.  This empowers us to do end-to-end reconciliations for GST and other compliance filings.

As an approved GST Application Service Provider (ASP), our built-in integrations with GST and E-Invoicing backend systems ensure detailed and accurate reconciliations & filings. Our technology empowers us to do comprehensive reconciliations and validations, ensuring 100% compliance with GST and E-Invoicing on a monthly basis.



Specialized in E-Commerce Compliance


GST Returns Filed


Happy Customers (GSTINs)


Missing E-Invoices Generated


Customers under E-Invoicing


We are specialized in E-Commerce Compliance, with a strong focus on E-Invoicing and GST. Additionally, we offer services for TDS Reconciliation and Filing, Payroll Processing, and Compliance (PF/ESI/PT), as well as Accounting and Bookkeeping services using Tally Prime, among others.

ECommerceGST Returns

All these are done without fail,
every month!

Automated Validation

Detect issues in the Marketplace Reports & auto-correct them based on configurations

Data Preparation

Consolidate Sales data per GSTIN, Marketplace, State, GST Rate & HSN for reporting

E-Invoice Reconciliation

Find the gaps in E-Invoicing Compliance & generates missing E-Invoices

TCS Reconciliation

Validate sales & make sure it matches with the Marketplace TCS Filing

Input Tax Reconciliation

Reconcile Purchase/Expenses/Imports with GSTR-2B & 2A and ensure 100% ITC claim

Integrated GST Filing

Fully integrated with GST backend APIs to download/upload data & GST Filing


Ensuring E-Invoicing compliance is essential due to significant penalties for non-compliance

  • Detailed E-Invoice Reconciliation
  • Bulk Generation of Missing E-Invoices
  • Amazon B2B & Stock Transfer Reports Support
  • Monthly and Annual E-Invoicing Reconciliation

TDS & e-TDS Returns

E-Commerce TDS compliance differs from traditional practices, posing challenges to comply

  • Monthly TDS Section-wise Calculation
  • Marketplace Support: Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jio Mart, etc.
  • TDS Calculations for Other Expenses
  • e-TDS Filing & Form-16A Generation
  • TDS Demands & Correction Filing

GST Annual Filings

Our Integrated GST Solutions enable us to pull all reports for the GST Annual Reconciliations & Filing

  • Detailed GSTR-1 vs GSTR-3B Reconciliation
  • ITC Reconciliation with GSTR-3B, Books & GSTR-2A/2B
  • Detailed Reconciliation with Audited Financials
  • Integrated Annual Return Filing

Payroll & Compliance

We offer comprehensive Payroll Management, that includes Payroll Processing & Compliance

  • Salary Transfers with Payslips for Employees
  • Salary TDS Calculations, Deductions & Filing
  • PF/ESI/PT Compliance Management & Filing
  • Holiday & Attendance Management
  • Annual Income Tax Proof Management

GST Notices & Replies

Our Technology enables us to extract all needed reports from GST and respond to notices in detail

  • Downloading data from the GST system for Notice validation
  • Preparation of Detailed Reconciliation Statement
  • Crafting a detailed reply by validating all Sections & Rules

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our Tally Prime Integrated Solution makes handling any scale of E-Commerce with ease

  • Sales Accounting for Multiple GSTINs with TCS & TDS
  • Stock Transfer Input & Output Transactions
  • Itemized Booking of Commission Invoices with TDS
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Bulk Importing of Invoices, Vouchers, Masters
  • Fully integrated solution for Tally Bank Reconciliation

About FidesLoop

The company was founded by Mr. Praveen K. Nair, a technology enthusiast with over a decade of experience in E-Commerce. He was a Principal Consultant at Mercedes-Benz R&D India before pursuing his startup dream. Gaining in-depth domain knowledge of the E-Commerce industry by working as a part-time E-Commerce Seller, he identified a significant gap in E-Commerce Compliance requirements and the availability of specialist professionals—a gap he aimed to fill with his Technology Experience & E-Commerce Domain knowledge. Thus, FidesLoop was born.

Our ongoing mission is to provide comprehensive Compliance Management Solutions tailored for E-Commerce, leveraging our proprietary tools designed for E-Commerce Compliance. We empower businesses to focus more on core operations and growth, ensuring 100% compliance.

We're a DPIIT-Recognized Startup under #StartupIndia. As an approved GST Application Service Provider (ASP), we consistently enhance our technology capabilities and integrations to reduce manual overheads.

Praveen K Nair

Founder & CEO

The Team

Samja Krishnan

Technology Analyst

Prashanth MH

Charted Accountant (CA)

Safar Iqbal

Senior Accountant

Vishnu KR

Senior Accountant

Sujith S

Senior Accountant

Jerin P

Senior Accountant

Pragathi Shetty

Junior Accountant

Megha PM

Junior Accountant

Adna PK

Junior Accountant

Suchithra BS

Junior Accountant

Our Clients

Ajesh GeorgeGeorgian Enterprises
Fidesloop has been doing our GST work calculation since October 2017 and was able to recover lakhs of Rupees which were incorrectly filed by my accountants. Most of the regular CAs or accountants cannot calculate and segregate input credits and taxes accurately for Ecom sellers, due to differences in traditional retail model and e-commerce model. Since FidesLoop's leadership was also a seller on marketplaces like us, they know in & out of the Amazon/Marketplace charges, returns, refunds, deductions etc and will be able to calculate the final tax liability accurately without loss.

My turnover is pretty decent to translate into much higher savings compared to what my Accountants had filed. Trust me, you will never regret by choosing them. Thanks a lot FidesLoop for the "error-free" filing & for taking care of all our compliances headaches.
Pankaj BhatiaProtecta Inc.
After struggling for the first couple of months with various tools and services for GST filing, where the data never added up – we came across the GST filing services by Fidesloop. The customized and personalized services offered by Fidesloop for GST filing, means fretting and worrying over GST returns is a thing of the past. We have tried other services; however can safely say there does not exist a better solution for GST filing, especially for ecommerce sellers. We would strongly recommend Fidesloop’s GST solution based on:

1) The depth of their knowledge with respect to both GST rules and ecommerce workings.
2) The strong ethics displayed by Fidesloop’s team with reference to the privacy of the data shared with them.
3) The strict adherence to timelines by Fidesloop ensures that all our returns are filed accurately and on time.
Raja GohainCASIO India
A few words about Fidesloop which is run by Praveen Nair and who are experts in GST Filing including TCS handling.
Praveen is a thoroughbred Professional where ever his work is concerned; GST Reports ready in the due time even if my team submits the data even in the last day! For my organization, Crystalarc Lifestyle aligning with FidesLoop has been one of the best things that have happened for the GST returns!!!!
Thanks, Praveen & FidesLoop!!!
Sudhanshu TyagiTied Ribbons
We were struggling big time with our E-commerce reconciliation/accounting and GSTR Returns owing to the complexities and were spending too much time on our non-core activities. I have been using FidesLoop's services for the last 5 years and all is sorted now. Now we have a seamless process of bookkeeping when it comes to E-commerce marketplace business and all my returns are being filled correctly and on time. The service is wonderful. Zero Hassles!
There are a lot of minute things that traditional CA’s miss due to lack of exposure to E-Commerce. So if you are someone who has a sizable turnover with multiple tax rates and selling in multiple clusters on Amazon/Flipkart/Myntra etc., they are the perfect guys to help you and make your life a lot easier! Don't think that using the services is an expense, believe me, they are going to save a lot more !!
Arihant ChhajerWishkey
We have been clients of Fidesloop for four years, and we highly recommend their services. Their expertise in GST and TDS for online sellers is unparalleled. What sets Fidesloop apart is their focus on automation, streamlining processes, and saving us time.
Their professionalism and commitment to quality make them a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of tax compliance.


Dive into the realm of E-Commerce GST and Compliance with our expert insights. Our Know-How series empowers you to independently navigate the basics, while we keep you informed on crucial compliance updates. Develop a deeper understanding of India's thriving E-Commerce Compliance sector through our industry perspectives.

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